Why are we afraid of ghosts
When we are the dangerous beings
Behind the sincere toasts
Lie the diabolic feelings

Ghosts don’t harm us
It’s the people we feel safe around
They stab us
They make no sound

We are afraid of death
When living is a curse
Everyday we take a breath
Everyday it gets worse

Being human is a gift
It’s the gift of God
Being loved is a privilege
Until you realise everything is flawed

The Human Race

They are chasing
What they dont know
Their eyes red, their faces blazing
I think they are racing

What is the first prize
What do you get for not winning
What is it that they prioritise
Are there really any winners or everyone is losing

They are called the human race
For a reason
They are fake even in cyberspace
They are finding a way in this maze

An origin by Bhaavika

For a friend

Like a ray of sunshine

Light on the eyes and easy on mind
At times your smile was my hapiness’ lifeline
I dont know anyone this kind

Like a breath of fresh air
You bring positivity to me
About all the evils in me you are aware
You accept even though you see

On your birthday you make me thankful

So thankful for you being born
Its the biggest gift ever to get to know you
A person as rare as a unicorn

I wish you the best and I hope you live long
I am so lucky to call you my friend
You are my strength you make me headstrong

I hope this text does justice to you
As i cant tell what you mean to me
Just in one song